Graphic Design

Over 1 million total t-shirts with our designs have been sold throughout all our years! Graphic Design is the process that uses art and technology to communicate ideas. Surely you've heard what real estate people say about location. Well in marketing & merchandising, design encompasses so much of the response you receive its a crucial part of your brand & merchandise. SMC has been working closely with clients since 1999 in this area. Helping clients by creating shirt & merch designs in a unique and cost-effective way as possible. We realize that every client is different and all needs vary with individual projects, but we can meet those needs according to the requirement.

When choosing a graphic design company, your selection should be based not only on sample works but on experience, professionalism, testimonials and proven results. What are your graphic design needs? Our team of illustrators, artists, and designers can help you make certain your brand can effectively be printed on shirts or embroidered on a garment. There are many factors and differences when it comes to designing for screen printing, embroidery, offset printing or large format digital printing. If you hire a designer that doesn't know the differences, you will be paying for that in the long run, not just in money but in brand effectiveness.

We get our clients involved in the step by step process of what they're wishing to achieve, rather than carrying things out and taking the risk of producing something from which the client would not be satisfied to the highest extent. We also offer customized solutions. SMC welcomes you to get in touch with a representative from our graphic design department immediately to discuss your needs and all the various solutions.